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Friday, September 30, 2005


Saturday, August 27, 2005

SEE??!! just standing infront of him!tsktsk *dats vince carter* august 11, 2005..FEU gym!im soooo lucky!

Friday, August 12, 2005

* Im starting to love this song! nakakakilig! *

What Everybody Knows

I know you're wondering
What this is all about
Candles and champagne dinner is all made out
I wanted this night to be perfect for you
It's gotta be right for what i'm gonna do
So baby sit down and open youre heart to me
Girl, it's time you know
What everybody knows
To say the words I feel
To tell you what is real and let my feeling shows
The whole world knows it's true
I'm so in love with you...
Baby look at me and in my eyes you'll see
What everybody knows
It seems like a lifetime
Girl since i met you (oh baby..)
And from that first moment
Deep in my heart I knew
That someday
I'll be where I'm standing today
Touching your body kissing your face
Holding the dreams that's finally coming true
(Repeat Chorus 2x)
Baby look at me
And in my eyes you'll see
What everybody knows...
VINCE CARTER! oh no! grabe d ko expected na makikita ko un as in super sa harap ko lang siya! 08/11/05.. sobrang once in a lifetime! potah! grabe sobrang exclusive sa school namen..thanks to nike! haha and to karyn! wow..grabe cant believe it 6'6 tapos size 16 un shoe size..tsk grabe..sobrang memorable..sana c dwyne wade next time pero kasi converse un eh! ang galing talaga..potah c arwind den nag one-on-one cla..whew! next time post ko un pics!

Friday, July 22, 2005

July 16, 2005 around 4:30 pm..Irish and I arrived at the SM Fairview activity Center,the place was packed..Girls with their friends were already rapturous..The show started on time..The people started screeching,jumping,jitterlaughing and all the things you can think of doing when HALE showed up..They looked great specially CHAMP LUI-PIO and Sheldon..

FAST FORWARD...Right after the show everbody was given a chance to go up on stage and meet the band up-close and personal and let their cd's,tapes and posters signed by them..So Gen,Mitch,Irish and I walked around the area cause we dont want to miss the wonderful chance to meet them..Some of the staff even the security guards told us to line up..Everybody pleaded to have their autographs!whew!But anyway,I did have their personal scribble!hehe!The best part is,I was able to pursuade Champ to sing while Gen-Gen was taking us a snap-shot! and we shook hands twice!It was really a fantastic emotion..

The experience has given me the opportunity to meet them up-close and personal..Have a tete-a-tete with some of their fans and meet lots of friends!

ALL HALE!! c",)

Friday, July 15, 2005


Your touch is electric
I felt it the first time you held me
The way we connected
So easily
I’ve tried to define it
Searched for the perfect phrase
I’ve tried to describe it
In a million different ways
It’s joy, it’s ecstasy, it’s truth it’s destiny
And even love is not enough
To tell you how you make me feel
There’s only one word for this
I’ve got to admit it
You took my heart by surprise
Don’t know how you did it
But baby, I’ve never felt so alive
I already know what the future holds
As long as you are here with me
It’s joy, it’s ecstasy, it’s truth, it’s destiny
To tell you how you make me feel
It’s faith, it’s honesty, it’s life, it’s everything
To say “I love you” is not enough
To tell you how you make me feel…
It’s in your smile, it’s in your kiss
It’s the reason I exist
There’s only one word for this
It’s bliss

** this song reminds me of my bestfriend..

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


** Im the type of person who always shows my undying concern to others and never hesitates to lend a helping hand. Its simply because I treasure my friends so much.I'm a type of person who values friendship very much and always shows my concern to others. I'm a good listener not only to my friends but also to others. I easily trust but when its broken it would never be back. I have some really good friends. I had to learn to know them the hard way who they are,though. Sometimes they felt threatened by me and sometimes I felt threatened by myself. Thats when you find out the hard way who your true friends are.It was really difficult.Very difficult.I have been betrayed by my friends because sometimes people wants to be your friend just because of who you are and its hard to tell the difference. Other people just want to put you down because of who you are and because of their own insecurities. My friends and I talk about everything. I usually hang out with them and do what other girls likes to do. " Each person grows not only by her own talents and development of her inner beliefs, but also by what she receives from the persons around her.." take it from me..=)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

LOVE-LIFE thing:

** No man is ever worth crying for, if he is, he won't make you cry.ryt?.dats my motto when it comes to love.I've cried so may times.past love life?.sad to say pero d happy ending eh.its hard for me to let go lalo na pag super gusto ko talaga yung tao.i admit I miss him badly.specially after class.Pero naka pag move on na ko after blah blah months.Well I have patience to wait for the right person for me and to come along.Im thankful of what I have..What more can I ask for?. But still Im reeling from the misery of my misfortune. I sought the comfort of my friends and at the same time,tried to find out if this ever happened to anyone else. To my surprise, "saken lang pala nangyari yun.tanga ko talaga!". I know I've learned a lot. I've learned that its also important to be your own person and also to seek support from friends if things dont work out eventually and it all ENDS. I learned a lot from this experience and I must apply the lessons learned to my next relationship so the same thing wont happen again (hopefully!). Basta we're friends and hopefully one day in the future,we might find our way back to each other,but right know thats where we stand. Kasi when I love,I thought I would never get tired.I thought it would never end but sometimes I need to be tired to realize that love too can END!.


** I'll always remember that day, November 2002 when they welcomed us (crizel and I) to FEU taekwondo team. We're like one big happy family that seems to be expanding almost every year. Its just sad that some of our team mates left us even our former coach Sir Mike Zulueta but life doesnt end there.Life must go on. I've learned a lot here.Not only the moves,kicks,the art itself but also how to take things seriously not only during trainings and competitons but also in life. Im so proud that I belong here.. =)